Medical Information on the Internet

Essential Tremor in E-medicine - From WebMD, this is an article written by Drs. Deborah Burke and Robert A. Hauser covering technical information about ET.

International Essential Tremor Foundation (IETF) - An informative website with excellent pages covering “FAQs” and latest “Research Findings”.

Essential Tremor on – A website supported by the prestigious Mayo Clinic. This site links to a summary of ET and includes suggestions for lifestyle and home remedies.

Essential Tremor on Southern Cross Medical Library – Offers a plain-English, New Zealand-oriented overview of essential tremor as part of its Medical Library online resource.

Other Useful Sites

TalkLink – A NZ organisation that works with people of all ages who, due to a disability, have difficulties with speaking, writing, learning and/or with controlling their environment.  The TalkLink Trust has contracts with the Ministry of Health and ACC which allows TalkLink to offer free specialist assessment services to eligible clients.  See their Resources page which lists DTSL – a supplier of alternative computer keyboards, mice, and pointing devices to assist individuals with mobility disorders. Other suppliers are listed. 

Medsafe – New Zealand's authority for the safety of medicines and medical devices.  This site is useful if you want to look up information about prescription medications and any known side effects.

Medtronic – A medical device company with offices in Australia and Auckland, they produce a vast array of devices and therapies to improve health and well-being.  You can read more about Medtronic's history here, and their treatment options for movement disorders.

Clinical Trials - Click on ‘Background Information’ to be taken to a window with topics, such as “Understanding clinical trials”.  Contains a Glossary of clinical trial terms.

Australia New Zealand Clinical Trial Registry – This site contains a user-friendly search option to identify trials of interest.